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A dream

Every project starts with a dream. And dreams are the essence of life. A dream for this project is to create a world where everyone can be in touch with nature and appreciate its beauty.

We want to build a project that allows people to see, feel, and experience the beauty of nature up close. We aspire to create a project that will bring people together and foster a sense of respect and understanding of the environment. We want this project to inspire people to act and work together to protect, conserve, and restore nature. We envision a project that will bring people of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs together to enjoy the beauty of nature and to make a difference in the world. We want to provide resources and educational opportunities for people to learn about the environment, the importance of conservation, and how to act. We believe that by working together, we can create a better future for our planet and all its inhabitants.

We have established the first Erasmus+ forest for offsetting our carbon footprint on the Erasmus+ mobility projects. You can find it in Portugal. We have already planted 100 trees. Read more and more. We have established Erasmus + forest in Slovenia. Similar movement is happening in Cyprus and in the Netherlands.


If your organisation does not have a place to start your own forest, you are invited to donate to Greendex, and we will plant trees in one of our forests in your name.

How it works

Calculate the number of trees needed to offset the carbon footprint of your mobility by using our calculator. The number will be visible on the host profile. Each tree will cost you 5 EUR. You can contact us at, let us know about your donation and we will send you instructions.

We plant trees

In Spring and in Autumn. As soon as your donation is registered, we will send you confirmation about it that can be used for promotional purposes or to add it in the final report of your project. When trees are planted, you will receive final confirmation, location of your trees, and a photo.