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Our mission

Erasmus+ programme enables us to have amazing learning adventures with inspirational people from different countries. However, each of our personal gatherings contributes to a deep carbon footprint due to our travelling and living habits. The purpose of this project was to offset our carbon footprint on the projects we make by bringing more awareness and more action to change our habits. For this reason, we have created a carbon footprint calculator that is specialized for Erasmus + projects such as youth exchanges, training courses, meetings etc. This calculator offers the final number of the CO2 produced by each participant and transforms this number to the number of the average trees that will absorb our CO2 in their lifetime. Our calculations are based on scientific research done by different professionals. We did not make our own calculations.

Our vision

We want to create a movement, where each Erasmus + project calculates their carbon footprint and plants trees to offset it. We see several Erasmus + forests rising in Europe which contribute to the cleaner air in Europe. We see young people continuing to learn together in a more sustainable environment, while travelling green, and enjoying the beauty of nature.

This website has so much knowledge gathered for you, so take some time and search a bit around.


Calculate carbon footprint of your Erasmus+ mobility by using our app and/or by engaging your participants in few workshops we have prepared for you to raise awareness about sustainability of your mobility.

Green Challenges

Offsetting your carbon footprint can also be fun. Try out some of the Green Challenges participants can do while on Erasmus+ mobility.

E+ Forest

Learn more about our Erasmus+ forests in Portugal, Slovenia, Cyprus, and the Netherlands. You are invited to donate for us to plant the trees on your behalf.

Tips & Tricks

Check our collection of tips & tricks that will help you change your habits and support your journey to more sustainable life. We created one collection for individuals and the other for organisations.


You want to learn more about sustainability? We have created a collection of different types of material such as documents, manuals, videos, podcasts, articles etc.

About Us

The core of every project are people. Learn more about the partners of the project.